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The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP) is the Association for NLP Professionals. ANLP is already synonymous with best practice and we continue to establish our reputation as one of the most professional and trusted independent NLP membership organisations in the world. Everything we do is underpinned by our own company values, which are truly EPIC -

  • Ethical
  • Professional
  • Independent and with Integrity
  • Credible

Our members share these same values, which is why they choose to be members of the Association for NLP. ANLP enables them to promote these shared values effectively to their potential clients and demonstrate their own commitment to best practice, accreditation and standards in NLP.

We recognise that choosing the right NLP Professional for your needs can be confusing. To reduce the risk of potential pitfalls, we are here to encourage best practice amongst NLP Professionals, provide impartial advice and help you make the best choice.

Would you like to present at the 2017 NLP Conference?

ANLP have now taken over the reins of the Conference and are excited about our plans to freshen up the experience for both speakers and delegates, making it an event that just cannot be missed.

The conference is scheduled for 28th – 30th April, 2017 and will take place at the Park Inn by Radisson Hotel & Conference Centre, Bath Road, Heathrow, Middlesex UB7 0DU.

Whilst ensuring that we retain the best elements of past Conferences, we …

Use your ANLP Members' Logo

As an NLP Professional you know that first impressions count, especially when it comes to building trust and relationships with potential clients.

As a consumer you want to see and be reassured that you are getting quality when making an important decision? And of course this search for a “quality assurance seal” applies when people are looking for an NLP Provider.

Using and displaying your ANLP Members Logo, visually demonstrates …

2017 Conference Venue Announced - The Park Inn by Radisson, Heathrow

We are delighted to announce that the NLP International Conference, 28th - 30th April 2017, will be taking place at The Park Inn by Radisson, Heathrow.

In response to NLP Conference survey feedback, we have found a great venue in The Park Inn - it provides a dedicated conference facility, and a 3 course lunch will be included each our own private restaurant, so networking and conversational opportunities will be abundant!

The Park Inn …

Members Opportunity...have you got what it takes?

ANLP do get offered propmotional and business opportunities for members and we do pass these on to our membership.

The latest is from Minnow Films, who are currently producing a brand new series for Channel 4 about the recruitment and training process involved in becoming a spy, where they will explore the type of person it takes to serve our country under cover.

They are looking for a group of 20 men and women to attempt a course based …

Membership Tips - Updating your Diary Events

As a member of ANLP, you get free access to our Events listing.

If you are running any Workshops, Training Courses or even Practice Group meetings, then add them to our online Diary now, because we will be extracting this information from the website on 1st June for inclusion in the Summer issue of Rapport (due to be published on 28th June).

You can add your diary events by clicking on the Courses/Workshops when you are logged …


What is NLP

  • What is NLP?

    NLP stands for 'Neuro Lingusitic Programming' and NLP is frequently known as the "instruction manual for your mind".

    NLP looks at the way in which we think and process our thoughts (Neuro), the language patterns we use (Linguistic) and our behaviours (Programming) and how these interact to have a positive (or negative) effect on us as individuals. It is a collection of a wide range of methods and models which create an understanding of thought process and behaviour...


  • How can I benefit from using NLP?

    NLP is a set of tools which can be used to facilitate powerful, quick and long lasting change in both individuals and organisations.

    It is an extremely flexible tool kit and can used for a variety of different issues. NLP can help you with anxiety and stress, business issues, confidence, team building, conflict resolution, dyslexia, parenting, relationships, weight loss, smoking, fears and phobias, presentation skills and personal or business change...


  • How did NLP Develop?

    The ideas and approach found in NLP draw from two main areas of thought. The first is cybernetics, a cross-disciplinary view of how systems are organised based on feedback that was developed in the 1940's.

    The second is the work of the Palo Alto Mental Research Institute in the 1960s. Among other influences, the self-help movement that emerged in the USA in the mid-twentieth-century may have shaped NLP more than is usually acknowledged...


  • Do I need a NLP Trainer or an NLP Professional?

    Choosing the right NLP Professional or Trainer can sometimes be a tricky decision. Follow our guidelines and advice to find the right NLP solution for you.

    If you are looking for one to one advice or assistance with a particular issue then you are looking for an NLP Professional.

    If you would like to go on a training course to learn more about NLP, you are looking for an NLP Trainer...


  • How do I select a good NLP Professional?

    The practice of NLP is currently unregulated, so ANLP strongly recommend that you choose a Professional who is, at least, a member of, or accredited by a reputable organisation which has a Code of Ethics.

    Contact the Professional/company personally with any queries that you may have. Have a list of questions ready to ask so you extract all the information you need to make an informed decision...


  • How do I choose a good NLP Trainer?

    If you are thinking about doing some NLP Training for yourself, you may be wondering where to start looking, and how to decide which Trainer is going to be the 'right' one for you.

    NLP Courses come in many differing formats, from a basic taster session to full Trainers Training.

    Choosing your course wisely requires a little homework and it will be well worth the effort in the long term. It is a good idea to prepare a list of questions beforehand to ask your prospective Trainer...


  • Why choose a Member of ANLP?

    All ANLP Members have to go through certain processes to become a Member, which encourage best practice, accountability and responsibility.

    All Members qualifications verified by ANLP staff, and they are required to provide external references.

    All Members sign up to and adhere to our Code of Ethics, which state that they will practice NLP in a responsible, ethical and congruent way.

    ANLP has a firm but fair complaints process which can be applied to any member, should the need arise (which is rare).


  • What books would you recommend?

    ANLP and its members have read a lot of NLP related books over the years. Listed below are some of those recommendations. To narrow down your choices, choose a book category first.

    If you wish to buy any of these recommended books, you can follow the 'buy this book' link. This will either take you to Amazon or to our online shop, if we are direct stockists.

    You can also add your own book review to your favourite titles.


  • Is there any research to prove NLP works?

    For NLP to have the same credibility as other, more widely recognised 'alternative psychology methods', research plays a fundamental part.

    There is research happening in the field of NLP and ANLP is proud to partner with a University every 2 years to host the International NLP Research Conference.

    ANLP also publish the only peer reviewed Research Journal in NLP.

    Some research papers are available by following the links on this page.


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"ANLP is committed to a strong set of values aimed at raising the positive profile of NLP role modelling integrity, generosity of spirit and professionalism."

Joe & Melody Cheal, NLP Master Trainers

"Membership of the ANLP helps 'raise the bar', something every one of us benefits from."

Jeremy Lazarus, NLP Master Trainer

"As an NLP training organisation I want there to be a strong professional voice to point to for our own credibility - ANLP is that voice."

Tony Nutley, NLP Trainer

"You have created an outstanding profile for ANLP, as "Small Business of the Year"."

Alex Cheung, ANLP International Ambassador for Hong Kong and China

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