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Changing metaprograms

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5th February 2012 at 16:55
Ross Kemp
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Changing metaprograms

Hello to everyone! :)

I'm very excited by changing metaprograms. I was trying to change metaprogram but it seems that it does not work very well.

The technique that I used were taken from website:

Who can explain me and answer to those questions? Hope there will be people who know this technique.

[B]In the 7th step a [/B]

I want to understand how to give myself permission to try to install new metaprogram? What should I say to myself? How should it sound? do I need to ask my subconscious to do that?

[B]In the 7th step b[/B]

How do I make the internal agreement with myself? In what way i need to talk with my self so as to say myself to keep that metaprogram to extend that or to leave unchanged? Can You give examples of sentences the way i should to speak with myself? Once tried to leave a metaprogram but it did not help it gone after time :(

[B]In the 7th step c[/B]

By saying what to myself I can install a metaprogramm? Saying to my subconscious mind or conscious? P.s. I'm really confused about it and I think if I say or do something wrong it won't work then :(

[B]In the 7th step d[/B]

What does map it across mean? Can you explain me that in a different way? How to understand "to make internal arrangements to create mental symbol or a few words which will represent the experience" Can you give any example?
How to understand "walk the symbol or words over to your original position" How does it look like? I'm not really imagining that.
Is original position that place where 1st and 2nd steps were done?

[B]In the 8th step a[/B]

" Go inside and check" What does it mean by saying that? Inside where?

I will be happy reading your answers!

Thank you :)

11th February 2012 at 09:43
Reb Veale
Posts: 17
RE: Changing metaprograms

Hi Ross,

I am glad you are excited - that is a great place to start ;)
It sounds from your enquiry that you may have had limited exposure to NLP so far and as the website to which you refer states clearly; 'ecology trumps change'. By this, I mean that whilst there are many fantastically useful and inspiring books and websites about NLP out there: NLP is experiential and is best learned and used hand-in-hand with responsibility.

I would strongly advise getting together with an NLP Professional in your area (you can use the 'New to NLP - Find a Professional' feature on this website) or finding an NLP Practice group locally, so that you can ask 'real time' questions and experience applied NLP with safeguards. Wishing you all the best wishes with your explorations,


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