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PPD Learning's Part 2 NLP Summer Practitioner

Date: 22nd - 24th Jun 2012
Location: London


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Judith Lowe
Email: info@judithlowe.com


Part 2 of our transformational practitioner programme is a rich, experiential 14 days of more advanced NLP.  Deepen and broaden your skills, knowledge and practice in NLP with our systemic, sophisticated and ecological approach. 

Eligibility to join us on this programme is completion of our 7 day Part 1 Practitioner or a 7/10 day ‘Practitioner’ with another training provider.

Modules 1, 2 & 3 are available to attend as stand alone seminars.

See our website for full details www.ppdlearning.co.uk

Module 1   States of Excellence with Judith Lowe

Learn how to manage stress, sustain high performance states and generate a greater sense of personal well being, creating new lasting pathways of positive emotional learning.

¨        Build awareness of your own and other’s states

¨        Skilfully access and elicit a variety of states in self/ others

¨        Become aware of natural ‘anchors’ and the process of learning

¨        Transform limiting responses and emotional habits

¨        Create a strategy for successful learning

¨        Be more generative in your choices for change

Module 2   Our Amazing Guest Module

with Joseph O’Connor in the Summer Coaching with NLP - How to be a Master Coach

This is a special guest module with Joseph O'Connor, based on the transformational models and tools from his internationally acclaimed work on 'Coaching with NLP'. Joseph will share and demonstrate key coaching principles and many practical, trusted tips for coaching success.

Module 3   The Magic of Language with Judith Lowe

You'll discover more about the ways in which language creates your world.  You'll learn to listen carefully for patterns in spoken language, to choose impactful responses and to ask high value questions that trigger change conversationally.  An inspiring introduction, and refresher to the NLP 'Meta Model' and 'Milton Model'. 

Module 4   The Power of Practitioner with Judith Lowe

In this final packed and powerful section, you will understand more about how NLP works systemically and how to put together your 'toolbox' for the future.  You'll learn more about submodalities, strategies, personal congruence, negotiation and the structure of problems and solutions.  And you'll discover experientially how to use what you've learnt with increasing confidence and sophistication.


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