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NLP Master Practitioner Training

Date: 22nd Mar - 24th Jun 2012
Location: London


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Robbie Steinhouse
Email: info@nlpschool.com
Phone: 44 (0) 207 428 7915


We've got the world's best hypnotherapist (Stephen Gilligan) and the world's best trainer on meta-programmes (Shelle Rose Charvet) teaching on our NLP Master Practitioner training. And our own Robbie Steinhouse, of course, author of How to Coach with NLP . Come and learn with them what it really means to be an NLP Master Practitioner.

The 2012 Dates: 

Module 1: March 22 to 25, 2012 (with Robbie Steinhouse)
Module 2: May 15 to 17, 2012 (with Stephen Gilligan)
Module 3: May 24 to 27, 2012 (with Shelle Rose Charvet)
Module 4 June 21 to 24, 2012 (with Robbie Steinhouse)


All the NLP Master Practitioner certification modules take place in central London's convenient and delightful Regent's College, near the entrance to Regent's Park. Click here for venue details.

What you will learn

Our NLP Master Practitioner training is a mixture of revisiting and refining existing core NLP practitioner techniques and venturing into new, and even more challenging, state of the art developments in NLP and transactional analysis. Topics covered include:

·  The latest developments in neurology and their relevance to NLP

·  Advanced use of submodalities

·  Ken Wilbur's Four Quadrant Integral Model

·  Criterial Equivalence

·  Meta-programmes

·  Values Hierarchies

·  Forgiveness Pattern

·  Grief/ Loss

·  Core Transformation

·  LAB Profiling Certification, with Shelle Rose Charvet

·  Advanced Ericksonian Hypnosis, with Stephen Gilligan

·  Developmental Psychology

·  Spiral Dynamics

·  Dealing with limiting beliefs

·  Conversational Coaching

·  SOAR model

·  Timeline Therapy

·  Re-imprinting

·  Generative trance

·  Compelling Future Process


Your NLP Master Practitioner Trainers:

Stephen Gilligan was a member of the original group who developed NLP in California, and led that development in arguably its most productive direction, that of studying the work of master hypnotherapist Milton Erickson. Gilligan is now regarded as a world authority on the use of hypnosis and generative trance for healing and personal growth.

"Awesome" was how one of our past attendees described the experience of studying with him on our NLP Master Practitioner certification.

Shelle Rose Charvet is a true master of communication. She developed the concept of meta-programmes, now at the heart of modern NLP, and her seminal book on the subject, Words that Change Minds, is used as a text in university business programmes in the US and the UK as well as at Coach University. She is also tremendous fun - she has been described as "Einstein meets Lucille Ball."

Shelle's Language and Behaviour (LAB) Profiling system is a psycho-linguistic tool uncovering how people get motivated, how they think and how they make decisions. On our NLP Master Practitioner programme you'll also take away a separate certification in LAB Profiling from Shelle, a significant extra benefit to your training.

Your core Master Practitioner trainer Robbie Steinhouse has a reputation for a profound knowledge of NLP, passionate commitment to the highest principles of the discipline, and a unique sense of humour. "A perfect balance of substance and style," according to one delegate on the last course.

Robbie has trained or worked with all the "big names" in NLP, is an ICF certified coach and is the author of three books, including How to Coach with NLP. The book's preface is by Robert Dilts, one of the original developers of NLP. Dilts writes, "I am impressed with the way that Robbie has been able to capture the essence of the discipline with such clarity and simplicity... How to Coach with NLP is well-structured, well-written and provides an excellent overview of how the fundamentals of contemporary NLP can be effectively applied through coaching and integrated with other coaching methodologies."

How much does it cost?:

£1950 ex VAT

Payment by instalments is welcome



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