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NLP Practitioner & Diploma in Coaching

Date: 29th Sep 2012 - 12th May 2013
Location: Swindon


If you are interested in this event please contact the member directly using the details provided below:

Name: Tony Nutley
Email: info@ukcpd.net
Phone: 01793 511180 (Swindon) / 0203 507 0174 (London)


This 20-day NLP training is divided into ten 2 day seminars (Saturday & Sunday) spread out over 10 months. Holders of this NLP Practitioner certificate are eligible for full membership of the Association for NLP (ANLP) and the Association For Coaching (AC)


This represents a real opportunity for individuals to gain recognised qualifications in the field of human development. NLP has become the “must have” in the majority of careers in human potential.


NLP Practitioner Certification
  Fully Accredited by the ANLP

Diploma in Coaching & Mentoring for Professional Management Coaches
  Accredited by the Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM
(Graduate Studies / Level 5)

Diploma in Business & Life Coaching
  Recognised by the Association For Coaching

Certificate In Advanced Personal Development
  Validated by the UKCPD


What happens?

The 20-day NLP training is divided into ten seminars of 2 days. To ensure you get the most from the training, there will be a lively variety of learning formats: large group presentations, special ‘how to' demonstrations, small group exercises, step-by-step individual coaching, diagnostic sessions, practical skill-building work, tasks and discussion, and plenty of opportunity to have your questions answered as you go along.

To ensure optimum supervised practice we have a team of qualified assistants and build practice sessions into each module. Between seminars there are optional skill-building tasks.

Official Certification*

This course is accredited by the following professional bodies:

Certification is optional in this programme; some people simply wish to use this program of studies as a part of their personal development. However, if you are interested in certified training you may wish to know that our certification is a worldwide recognised bona fide NLP & Coaching qualification.

NLP Practitioner certification will be awarded to those who fully participate in the program and successfully complete assessment criteria.

What you will learn:

How to build and maintain rapport - the key to successful relationships.
How to master advanced communications and influencing skills.
How to achieve clarity on precisely what you want in the key areas of our life.
How to increase the range of what you are able to see, hear and feel so you know more about what's going on.
How to use metaphor effectively, as all great communicators do.
How to generate practical, well-formed outcomes and how to achieve them.
How to design interventions to move a person or an organisation from where they are to where they need to be.
How to create the right context for successful individual and organisational change.
How to change unwanted behaviours.
How to determine what is important to yourself and others.
How to see what is going on inside others.
How to talk another person's language.
How to create your own personal state of excellence.
How to communicate clearly and effectively.
How to make meetings work.
How to mediate and negotiate more successfully.
How to recognise and use powerful language patterns.
How to develop your behavioural flexibility and creativity.
How to be more at peace with yourself.
How to set up a Coaching / NLP Practice.

Reasons to take this 20-day training:

You can view explanations of these reasons here...

Change that lasts
Time to learn
Time to practice
More enjoyment
Train with qualified and experienced trainers
Accelerated learning
Know what you're doing
Tracking learning
Re-establish balance
Time to master the field
Personal and professional
Learn to make learning easy
New career pathways
Our venue

Register your interest:

If you would like additional information about any of our courses or services, or if you would like to discuss how our experienced team of trainers can unlock the potential of the people in your organization please contact us via:

Email: info@ukcpd.net

Telephone: 01793 511180

Full Details can be found HERE




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