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NLP Diploma for Teachers, Coaches and Instructors

Date: 15th - 18th Jul 2012
Location: Malmesbury, Wiltshire

NLP Diploma for Teachers, Coaches and Instructors


Part I & Part II 15th-18th July 2012


Who is this course for?

This course is designed for people who teach, instruct or lead others; children, or adults who look to you to learn from. Here is a list of others that have completed this course so you’ll be in good company.....


Teachers including Heads of School, Department and SMT. Teaching assistants. Sports Coaches including ski and gymnastics coaches. Fitness instructors and personal trainers. Driving Instructors, Community workers (Scouts etc), and those in Training & Development in large corporations.


Why you should attend this course?

Communication: students, young and old will have a better understanding of all that you are saying. You will fully understand your students/clients individual needs and be able to help them fully understand you, giving you amazing behavioural flexibility to be an even more ‘outstanding teacher/instructor’

Enrollment: In any process where people join or enroll with you - their perception of the value of your teaching is much clearer. You will be able to build rapport, communicate effectively and make them feel, see and hear the value of what you do for them or their children 

Retention: Everyone will feel more valued. Clients, young and old will feel a greater value from your work. Clients concerns and desires will be met easily. Complaints will become a cinch to deal with and so much more can be achieved using effective communication 


What you will learn?

A ‘mindset for success and reclaiming your personal power’ by learning how to........

apply the  background and underlying principles of NLP 

build rapport and influence

learning how to set achievable goals for self and help others do the same.

change how you feel to empower you & others

improve your flexibility of communication

understand other perspectives and use them to your advantage

empower positive mindsets in self and others

model and learn effectively and easily

use language effectively - very powerful motivation and instructions tools using language.


  • Coaching For Excellence guarantees you with best practice in the field of NLP training, the value of the training is focussed on long-term benefits to your work and life
  • You will learn new strategies, new tools and new material for you to apply in your teaching, and your everyday life by taking action.
  • Your training is comprehensive, and modelled through a variety of situations so that you may learn quickly, easily and effectively.
  • By attending this training you will become part of a new movement of excellence which empowers people.


How your course is  structured?

  • The course is 4 days in total, 9.30-7.00. It is intensive but so fun you won’t notice the time!
  • You will learn the theory on two levels: Pre-course reading and live course teaching. 
  • You will watch and learn from demonstrations and practice and apply skills in different roles - client, observer and NLP practitioner.
  • You will apply your learning in your own field of excellence.


Our promise to you is that 

  • You will get hands-on experience of these powerful techniques.
  • We teach you how to use the material with yourself and others.
  • Should you wish to proceed to our NLP Practitioner course, this Diploma course will count as ‘prior learning’.


What is NLP?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is one of the fastest growing methodologies available for people who want to be the best they can be in work, business, sport, health, relationships, and life in general. If you are looking for results, for life to be easier,  then these leading edge influencing and communication techniques are for you. The techniques have been developed, tried and tested by literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world; through decision and application the results will be yours.


This 4-day NLP Diploma course is an intensive introduction to NLP.  The course will give you a broad yet deep understanding of the techniques, key skills and applications of NLP. You will learn, practice and apply them immediately on the course and be given the time to take them into your business, coaching, sport, education, health, or simply for your personal life.


Course cost?

£500 (no VAT) 


What should you do?

Visit the website, email or call Julia Papworth

Contact Details

Name: Julia Papworth
Email: julia@wisdomlearningltd.com
Phone: 07540 245 227


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